Increase your revenues up to 3 times. Port your app in other platforms now!

WizGenX provides conversion of your mobile apps and games to other platforms. You can now port your existing iPhone app/ games to iPad, Android devices. We have developed best design and development practices of porting the app in cross platform so that we can give maximum competitive advantages to our clients.

Advantages and reasons to go for porting your existing apps and games to other platforms:
  1. Gives cross platform accessibility to your application.
  2. Serves your application to a large user base.
  3. More platforms means more revenues from your app.
  4. Save money by selectively porting successful applications only.
  5. We take pride in serving our customers.


WizGenX is a trusted name for developing out-of-the-box custom apps for mobile devices, social & media platforms. Our proficient apps solution helps individuals and businesses reach their objective in dynamic yet cost effective way. We produce next generation mobile apps to boost the ultimate performance of the handheld devices.Join us to stand-out of the competitive crowd!

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