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May 07, 2015

Even2o is a simple app makes your intricate life as simple as possible.

✔ This app is flexible enough to work with different styles.
✔ Will be helpful to summon up all your events you have to do.
✔ Very easy to handles,so that you can manage all your tasks with out any fizzle.
✔ According to the priority make list of all the things,automatically when the date occurs events will be shown.
✔ With Even2o you can manage any kind of events like your day, a wedding event, your ongoing project,a holiday trip,Hang out time with your friends,Shopping,Painting your house ,Visiting your relatives,time to gym,etc.
✔ You can seamlessly sync(backup) your data into ‘Google Drive’ and ‘Drop Box’.
✔ you can find your looming events or projects as ‘Widgets’.
✔ You can keep up your powers of retention and contrive a felicitous life.


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