Moggie & Doggy Maze

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Texture Packer
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Sep 30, 2015

Moggie and doggy is a maze game.These kind of games help reinforce logic, critical thinking, visualization, creativity, and fine motor skills.
Moggie and doggy is a fun’tastic game and highly obsessive for all age groups.

Moggie is a hungry kitten eating up all the cheeses in its way.

Doggy will try to catch the moggie.Moggie should eat up all the cheese and not to be caught by the doggy.

you can find five different themes which are visual treats to the players.

Eating up all the cheese gives you energy.

power ups will make you strong enough to ran out of doggy.

In app purchases will help you to get some energy and lives to continue the game if you are short of lives.

There are 40 different and challenging levels for the player to go through.

Especially for kids and seniors these games help keep the mind active and build new brain cells that enhance memory and cognition.

Are you highly fun loving person then Moggie and doggy maze suits you the most!


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