Penguin Skyline Skater

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Texture Packer
Glyph Designer
Particle Designer
Last Update:
Oct 31, 2015

✔ Once you play this you cant resist your self, surely will get edict to this game.

✔ Catching candies in jack-o’-lantern will gives you more amusement.more candies in candy machine Gaines you more score.

✔ Highly addictive and interesting for all age groups.

✔ If you got stuck up in traffic jam or hanging out with friends,its the best game to hang on.
✔ This halloween candy thrust will surely throb the hearts of all game lovers.

✔ The simple and cool design give you the marvelous feeling that you ever had.✔ Penguin – The Skyline Skater is very fascinated about skating.
✔ From one building top to the other using the lumber the baby penguin used to skate all the night.
✔ For energy he has to collect the food.

✔ The height of the plank plays the major roll, it should not exceed the distance between the two buildings if so the penguin will fall down the stairs.

✔ The cute looking baby penguin skates very tactfully in the skyline and you can’t imagine how the time flew away.

✔ This game will increase you estimating capacity and the concentration.
✔ Double the satisfaction in both visual and auditory feast.


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